Black Hills Armory is owned and operated by active duty and veteran Air Force members. As military, we know what it means to have a reliable firearm, as such, it is a core component of what we strive to build for our customers. Additionally, we are competition shooters, and understand the concept that accuracy is the final word. You can have a reliable firearm, but if the firearm is incapable of repeatedly hitting a target, it does not matter. That’s why we focus on those two particular areas first, everything else that we do custom is secondary. We only use the highest quality components and every firearm goes through a rigorous testing process prior to leaving our shop.

We are a true one-stop shop for custom built firearms. At this time, we primarily focus on Glock, AR‑patterned firearms, and 1911 pistols. We have received training from industry experts in Custom Polymer Grip Stippling, TIG Welding for Gunsmiths, Glock Customization, Advanced Computer Aided Machining, Custom 1911 Building, and Computer Numerical Control Operations. With regards to pistols, at Black Hills Armory, we are able to do custom slide cuts on pistols, mill for red dot optic cuts, precision fit barrels for repeatable lockup, and apply ceramic spray finishes.