All custom firearms or customization where Black Hills Armory supplies components require a 50% deposit.  Remaining balance is payable upon completion.
Barring pre-agreed to situations, if after completion, we are unable to reach you after 3 attempts of customer preferred method of communication, we start to charge a storage fee of $50 per week. Once the storage fee exceeds $300, we reserve the right to sell your order.
All customization using customer supplied firearm(s) and/or non-serialized parts, can be shipped directly back to the customer. 
All firearm customization orders, using Black Hills Armory supplied parts, must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer in your state.  We are not responsible for any fees associated with that FFL. 
Please contact us prior to shipping anything our way.  Our email is [email protected]
You can cancel an order at anytime.  Any customized firearms will forfeit their deposit.  Any slide milling, optic cuts, etc will be refunded, minus 20%, unless work has commenced. 

Due to the ever changing political landscape, it is difficult to create a blanket statement of yes or no.  All customers are required to ensure the work or firearm they are purchasing is within compliance of your state.  If you live in a state that has strict firearm laws, please contact us prior to purchasing any service or firearm. 

Black Hills Armory stands behind each and every product we produce.  If you ever feel something we produced isn’t performing to your standards or ours, please let us know and we will help to make it right. 

Due to international policies, Black Hills Armory restricts all firearm and component sales to the United States.  

Except as otherwise provided by law, Black Hills Armory collects all sales, excise and similar taxes, warranty services are excluded.

If a customer claims exemption from tax, the customer will furnish appropriate exemption certificate to Black Hills Armory.